We are Keen to Software
for Future Education
  • A Key Reason to
    Choose CAMEMIS,
    It is Free for All!

    CAMEMIS is a web-based application which Is offered for free but can rivals to other commercial products with the availability of all functionality for schools and universities' needs and thus, outstanding user interface. The intuitive handing and desktop-like feeling makes it a pleasure for user to work with CAMEMIS.

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  • There are a lot of Educational Software, Why does CAMEMIS project exist?

    CAMEMIS is developed by the software designers and developers of VikenSoft International Team. The focus of CAMEMIS project aims to develop a free, user friendly, and adaptable education management system that best suit for all education institutions around the world which means that the process flow of CAMEMIS is designed to be adaptable for both developed and developing countries.

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  • CAMEMIS is Free, User Friendly, and Adaptable Educational Management System

    CAMEMIS is developed using advanced Internet cloud technology which allow users to be easy to access, use, interact (managers, teachers, parents, students), and security enhancements. The system would continue to provide regular updates on its existing features and add-ons for free in order to make CAMEMIS fits the modern trend of education.

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About Vikensoft!

Vikensoft was established and is operating under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. VikenSoft was founded and initiated by Mr. Vibolrith Kaom who have over 15 years’ experiences in the field of Information Technology.


The main goal of VikenSoft is to develop a free and complete education management solution (CAMEMIS) that can be adapted to both developed and developing countries. His initiative would not be alone but together with his small team who have the same goal to share free of use to all educational institutions because they have a strong belief that only education will be the power of knowledge to create bright people and these people will bring bright success and future for the global community.

About CAMEMIS Project!

CAMEMIS was an initiative project of VikenSoft which aims to develop a complete education management solution. It will be 100% free but can rivals to other commercial products with the availability of all functionalities for schools and universities’ needs and thus, outstanding user interface.


To ensure the project‘s sustainability, the founder of VikenSoft has established VikenSoft Community to help maintaining and supporting CAMEMIS project in any possible way no matter financial support or any volunteer activities including both technical and non-technical. We are looking for new members from around the world to be part of CAMEMIS becauseour small team alone will never be able to achieve the success of having a free but complete education management solution (CAMEMIS) without collaboration and contribution of new members of VikenSoft Community.


You could be as part of our Vikensoft
Community by joining the following
activities with us.
  • Online Forum (Q & A)
  • Translation
  • Consultancy
  • Data Integration
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Add-ons
  • Maintaining
  • Donation
  • And so on